Loes (my girlfriend) had to undergo surgery today. All went alright, she’s recovering fine. But how frustrating is the waiting… first of all waiting for a few weeks until there is room. Then when we got there today at 10:30 as ordered, it took 2 and a half hours for them to start prepping her! Why in heavens name did we have to come in at 10.30 then? 

But, it’s easy complaining, the people in the hospital probably are very busy and have to work under pressure, but nevertheless it would be great if they have a bit more consideration for the patient. 

On the upside, it was great weather, so when Loes went into the o.r. I went home to eat and decided to go back with the buggy! With 20 degrees celcius it’s nice and guess what, I can driver around the parking-fence so I don’t have to pay… 😉 (Don’t tell anyone!)

She’ll have to stay there at least ‘till tomorrow, so I’m home alone and very tired, so I’ll head for bed now!

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