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A few weeks ago we borrowed a Roomba from a friend. After a week we bought our own and last week we extended our robotic collection with the Scooba. And it’s a succes, I’m pleased to say and can recomend everyone who hates houscleaning to consider it.

Meet the Roomba:

This is the kind of product that you have to see in action to believe it works. At least this is true for the dutch, who are very sceptic about these things that seem ‘too good to be true’. But once you’ve had a roomba for a few days and let it do the cleaning, you’re convinced. Truth be told: even roomba misses some spots or dirt, but it doesn’t mist the invisible dust within carpets and rugs, try this: vacuum a room with your ordinary vacuum, then let roomba do it, you’ll see how much your own vacuumcleaner missed.

It really is an amazing product. And if you think this is it… Roomba returns to it’s home base to recharge, and after you empty the roomba-bin, it’s ready for use. And then meet it’s brother: Scooba

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We’ve had the Scooba for a few days now, and although using the scooba is a bit more work, it’s so much easier then getting down on your knees with a bucket and a mob! Haven broken my wrist a few weeks ago and trying to clean the kitchen floor got me frustrating. I ordered the scooba, and 4 roomba’s and another scooba for friends 😉 And am so happy with it!

The scooba passed “The ultimate test”. My mother borrowed it and really thought it wouldn’t work. She ended up letting scooba clean: the kitchen floor, the hallway, the bathroom, the outhouse and every other surface it is equipt to tackle. Returning it to me with the deepest regrets and already tried to schedule the next cleaning session!

We got ours at:

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