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As you might have read, I’ve bought this Buggy a few weeks ago. And allready I drove 800km with it, so now, because it’s a brand new one, the first maintainance is due. I’ve called the guy who’s doing this, but I have to wait until saturday the 28th. And I can’t drive in the meantime! So that’s a real challenge… why.. well you just should try it. One of the newly discovered passions I have is snowboarding, and the fresh air and the feeling of being outside and doing something cool is similar when I’m out with the buggy. I’ve not yet gone all the way (that is, drove through deep puddles), because I want to get to know the vehicle… (change a few words and this sentence gets a whole other meaning!).

The other thing is, I can’t drive the buggy to this guy (it’s a town 60 km from here) so I have to borough a trailer to take it. Fortunately there is this very nice guy which let’s me lend it for free! What problems I have 😉 🙂

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