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Translation: recent events

The previous posts were in Dutch, I’m now forced to resort to one hand typing and that is hard enough without having to think about english words 😉 But I’ll give it a try. At May 10th, I fell over with my bugrider: a sort of race-cart. The result can be seen on the x-ray in my previous post. After three days in the hospital, I went home and experienced first hand (no joke intended) how very annoying it is to have an injury. In my entire live, this is the first time I’ve broken something. So who am I to complain. 

It must be said, the hospital-people were great!!! My deepest respects for them. Dealing with patients isn’t always easy. I hope I wasn’t a pain in the ass for them. 

Anyway, now wearing a cast for two more weeks and them hopefully on to regaining my strength. I will be riding the buggy some more, but I’ll definitely will be a lot more careful.

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