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The ongoing proces of rehabilitation

As it’s been about 7,5 weeks since my accident I would’ve thought things would be much better. But, as impatient as I am I keep getting disappointed. Last monday I’ve been to my therapist who’s having me do excercises to build up muscle strength. Well he made me work hard monday, and tuesday I really couldn’t do anything without experiencing muscle pains in my chest. I tried everything: hot bath, bedrest, tiger balm, excersis and swearing… nothing helped. Last night I had about three hours of sleep and so today work didn’t go as planned. By now most of the pain has subsided and I think I’ll be okay by tomorrow.

I’m not cut out to be injured this long. It’s so very frustrating! And aside from my physical state I’ve so much to do for work, for the tv-station, for other projects.. it’s a bit too much and I really should cut back on these activities, so when the busy times are over I’m going to reconsider all of my activities and see which ones I’m going to continue…

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