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Zero Tolerance! VERY GOOD!

This week Yuri van Gelder, a dutch gymnasist, tested positive on cocaine. I’m not commenting on his sports career, if cocaine doesn’t help you perform better I wouldn’t mind if he can go on with it. But, Yuri is also a member of the Dutch defense and they have a zero-tolerance policy. I didn’t know this, but I’m very pleased they have. You wouldn’t want a stoned soldier guarding a civilian town or something like that…

If you just make your own...
If you just make your own...

In the last year there were a lot of issues with policemen. A recent incident was that two female cops went to get some fast-food. On their way home with the food the traffic lights didn’t cooperate, something I can relate to. So what did they do? They turned on the sirenes and lights and ran the red lights because otherwise ’the food would go cold’. The result: a slap on the wrist and that’s it. No wonder dutch police is ridiculed and played with. They should have fired the two, if this is how dutch police behave than they don’t even deserve our respect.

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