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Today I had a lot of uncomfortable encounters with clients and my business partner. Fortunately all of them ended peaceful, but it was struggling. So now I’m glad that this day is over. Tomorrow will be better, I’ll start by shooting some footage of the surroundings of Druten, because the tv-station I’m working as a volunteer is now also broadcasting there and we have to edit our leaders, bumpers and stuff to include this town. I’ll be doing this together with Rob, a cameraman and we’ll be taking my buggy (if the weather is alright). And in the afternoon I’m afraid we’ll have to start working again on a very difficult calculation. It’s not my hobby, but we’ll have to fix this by tuesday. 

But I’m confident we’ll manage….


  • I was born in Druten! It’s a small town, but it produces great people :-). My family moved away when I was about 7, but I remember the little playground in front the police headquarters (where my dad worked), the tunnel on the way to school (which seemed huge then, but is small now), and the many hills where you could slide off in the snow. Crazy to think that I now live in Australia, where I never see snow! Hope your footage turned out ok.

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