SALE! turns women into …

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went shopping. Bad idea because on a Saturday more people do this, so it was very crowded. I’m the kind of guy that walks into a store and within minutes I know if I’m going to buy something or not. My girlfriend needs some more time, but then again, there’s more to choose from. But what keeps amazing me is what it does to women. I don’t know if you are familiar with the big sales where women wait in front of stores and burst into the store, fighting their way to that dress of purse or whatever…

I can’t think of anything that make men behave like that, maybe for sports (which is even more crazy as there is no personal gain involved). But in this case sale lasts a few more weeks I think, so what’s the rush. And I pity the staff, it’s amazing what kind of mess these women make in the stores!!! I’m so glad my girl doesn’t go crazy when there’s a sale!

Women are beasts

Women are beasts

Maybe it would be a hit if we design a webshop where products can be piled up like this, add some screaming sounds and the whole SALE experience is complete!

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