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New opportunities arising

Feeling good… feeling very good. Last week we (some friends and me) went to this event called the ‘MKB Krachtcentrale’ (Business Powerplant). We enjoyed a reading from a proffessor in business spirituality. It’s was such an inspiring reading, especially as this proffessor is 84 years old. The whole room, about 300 entrepreneurs, was impressed. It made me realize that some decisions, have to be made. The next day I fired my intern, a boy who started last september. From day one there were little annoyances that grew over the weeks, inspite of the talks we had with him. It was such a relieve to have made this decision and it resulted in a much relaxter work mood for me and my colleages.

The other positive experience started last Sunday. Loes and me visited this sculpter in a nearby former school (as a matter of fact, it was my elementry school, so I haven’t been there since I was 5 or 6 years old). She’s renting a former gym there and there was another classroom for rent. We looked at it and today we signed the lease so Loes now has her own workshop where she can paint, draw and be creative :).

And yesterday I started with a badmintonclub in Druten, I want to play (non-competative) to get a bit more into shape, and the gym doesn’t do it for me… it was fun and the people were very nice, so I’ve got a new hobby… just have to pick up a racket and I’m good to go!


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