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Things just need to be easier!

It’s amazing to see how many things are way to complicated! Think about this: how many hours in a day do you spend figuring out how things work, waiting on other people figuring out how things work? Do you even notice that this is going on? Well I do, and I hate it!

  • I hate that I have to fill out my address on paper and then have to wait on the guy or girl behind the counter to type it over on the computer.
  • I get sad and frustrated when I hear someone who has given up on trying to get the VCR to repeat a recording weekly, just because it’s to damn complicated
  • I refuse to accept that the big companies like Sharp, Philips or Sony make the rules and therefore determine the way we – are forced to – use appliances.
  • It makes me wanna scream when I have to tell a computer my postal code, and when I finally get someone on the phone he asks me for it again! WHY DO THEY DO THAT???

Things just need to be easier!

Short example:

Today I went to rent a storage box at Shurgard. I got there, it took more than half an hour to fill out the forms, show me how stuff works and all of that. While waiting for prints to come out of the printer, and other stuff like that I asked the guy behind the counter how it is with the opening hours? Well, there open from 6.00 am ’till 23.00 pm! Which is all right for my purpose, so no problem there. Triggered by my curiosity I asked him: “Surely, when I enter the storage facility at 22:50, I would be able to leave it? Even if it would be 23:15 or later…”. No you couldn’t, you’d be stuck and have to pay 90 euros to get out! “What the F….”, then what is the use of being open ’till 23.00?? And why isn’t it so that they programmed it that you can’t get in after 23.00 but you can always get out! or at least in hour after you came in!? So, guys from Shurgard, if your reading this? FIX IT and let me know!

I heard about this guy, who reads my blogs once in a while and he’s noticed that I do a lot of complaining here, indicating that this is negative energy! NO, it isn’t! At least I don’t see it like this. It’s my mission, my believe, my passion to make life as easy as can be! Am I lazy? No, well sometimes, but I just like to spend as much of my time doing the things I like to do! And that doesn’t include waiting for someone to come and rescue me when I’m a prisoner at shurgard’s! – by the way, if I make a lot of typos, or other mistakes in my English? (I don’t know if it’s shurgards of shurgard’s) I’m sorry, but I’m sure you get the point, if not, mail me! –

I was going to say ’that doesn’t include waiting in line at the supermarket’ but this is not entirely true. Last saturday I went to AH to get some mike, eggs and stuff… The lines where HUGE. In some situations I would’ve turned around and walked away, but this time I could use the time in the line to relax, to breathe! It was one of these days were I was running around like crazy, going from here to there, never being somewhere long and just being busy! What happened? I had a nice conversation with this lady who was waiting in line with me, sharing some trivialities. A waste of time? I don’t think so, it made my day a little brighter! And I believe hers to!

SIRE, this is a dutch organization that produces tv and radiospots against drugs- and alcohol abuse, violence in public transportation and so on, they now have a campaign running to ‘just be nicer’. Which definitely improves quality of life! I noticed this friend I had an assignment with yesterday looked very good in the outfit she wore and complimented her about it! – A few weeks ago I saw this girl walk by, she had a very nice coat on, so I commented when she passed me ‘what a nice coat’… she smiled, thanked me for the compliment and that was that! It’s so easy to help improve quality of life for others, and thereby for yourself because I was feeling good about myself handing out these compliments!

So, yes, I complain, I get frustrated about stuff, but a friend of mine ones said, and this has sticked by me ever since: “You just have to be frustrated enough to achieve change sometimes!”. Sick of your job, but still working it day by day… you’re not unhappy enough yet, your not sick of it enough yet… when that happens, you act!

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