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Golden tip for serviceproviders!

I am absolutely certain each and everyone of you has in some point in the last few years had problems with internetproviders. I really was very satisfied with my ADSL provider ( but as an interaction designer I needed a faster connection. At the office we switched to UPC Fiberpower which should be 120 mbps down and 10 mbps up so I switched to UPC at home to.

But why does UPC promise a 120mbps speed and in fact we never get higher than about 67 mpbs. Is it just me, or do you agree with me when I say this is ridicules. T-Mobile says it’s 3G coverage is extreme good. Why is it that miraculously my iPhone switches to GRPS so often that I can’t enjoy youtube/radiostations or other applications that require a faster connection.

Here’s the tip:

Change your accounts! If reality is that a  UPC FP 120 account ends up with maximum speeds of 67 mpbs, why not rename it account to  UPC FP 60. What would hapen?

A customer taking this (new) UPC FB 60 account would not only experience the promised speed, but actually a bit more than that! The result: a happy customer. And for T-Mobile, If you can’t guarantee the speed or coverage, at least offer the customer the possibility to switch providers and don’t keep them on a leach. Then they might come back if your reputation improves.

And one other thing, since we’re on the subject, when I want to end a subscription with a company I want to end a subscription and there’s not much anyone can do to change my mind. So, don’t try to hold on to customers that want to leave, this will only make things harder and you reputation worse!

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