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12 steden… 13 ongelukken

zie foto, verhaal volgt….


Last week we went off buggy-riding to Arnhem. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. Just look at the Buggy Footage and you’ll see what I mean

Elephant Painting



Although we do not realize it at the time, at least I didn’t… eduction is so important for our future career. I’m member of this focus group of the ROC, it’s the school our trainees come from. To be honest, the school struggles with kind of a bad reputation. The group I’m in is formed to improve the quality of education and give teachers more …


A perfect solution for Women To bad it’s such an ugly car!

32 years and one day

And that was my 32nd birthday! The pie Nicole send was very tasty, and came in handy, because I had been so busy at work that by the time I went shopping for the small party (Loes still recovering means she can’t have too much action and needs rest) the good stuff was already taken ;). So loaded the car up with cola, chips and other snacks AND t…

Who's my daddy?

Today TNT delivered this present to Loes, but we can’t find a card revealing the sender! It’s a cow you can heat in the microwave! if anyone can enlighten us?? please do?

Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday, and after receiving a new wallet from Loes I went off to work, because a few things had to be done today before I could enjoy my Birthday! My very dear friend Nicole skyped me this morning and told me that a gift was on it’s way! And a very nice gift it is! The local bakery deliverd the pie below! Thanks a lot Nicole, it is…

a little bouqette

Was home late while my girlfriend is recovering from surgery, so took the flowers from the meeting I was with me!


Loes (my girlfriend) had to undergo surgery today. All went alright, she’s recovering fine. But how frustrating is the waiting… first of all waiting for a few weeks until there is room. Then when we got there today at 10:30 as ordered, it took 2 and a half hours for them to start prepping her! Why in heavens name did we have to come in at 10.3…


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