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Zero Tolerance! VERY GOOD!

This week Yuri van Gelder, a dutch gymnasist, tested positive on cocaine. I’m not commenting on his sports career, if cocaine doesn’t help you perform better I wouldn’t mind if he can go on with it. But, Yuri is also a member of the Dutch defense and they have a zero-tolerance policy. I didn’t know this, but I’m very pleased they have. You would…

SALE! turns women into …

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went shopping. Bad idea because on a Saturday more people do this, so it was very crowded. I’m the kind of guy that walks into a store and within minutes I know if I’m going to buy something or not. My girlfriend needs some more time, but then again, there’s more to choose from. But what keeps amazing me is what …

The ongoing proces of rehabilitation

As it’s been about 7,5 weeks since my accident I would’ve thought things would be much better. But, as impatient as I am I keep getting disappointed. Last monday I’ve been to my therapist who’s having me do excercises to build up muscle strength. Well he made me work hard monday, and tuesday I really couldn’t do anything without experiencing mus…


It’s been a while since I posted. Well, it hasn’t been easy, my wrist is still causing me pain and frustration. Actually it’s mainly my elbow that’s acting up. You’d think broken bones are worse than a dislocation of your elbow: no way. Maybe the initial pain is different, but recovering from broken bones, in my case, is much easier than trying …

My wrist (Mijn pols)

Today I had to go back to the hospital to make some new xrays of my wrist and elbow. Everything is set quite nice and the doctor was pleased. I must say, I hear a lot of complaints about the healthcare, but my experience doesn’t support that. The doctor, the nurses and the other people that have treated me were all so nice and patient. The staff…

In de krant

enige foutje is dat geen quad is maar een buggy

Translation: recent events

The previous posts were in Dutch, I’m now forced to resort to one hand typing and that is hard enough without having to think about english words šŸ˜‰ But I’ll give it a try. At May 10th, I fell over with my bugrider: a sort of race-cart. The result can be seen on the x-ray in my previous post. After three days in the hospital, I went home and exp…

Weer thuis

Ben vandaag thuis gekomen uit het ziekenhuis, eindelijk weer eigen bed en geen dementerende alzheimerpatienten om me wakker te houden. De mensen in het cwz zijn erg aardig en hebben goed voor me gezorgd! Het gips dat er nu omzit mag er over 2 weken af… Ik kan met een hand typen, dus ik stop ermee! zal straks ff rontgen uploaden


ik wordt vandaag geopereerd, krijg 2 plaatjes in mijn pols, dan wordt mijn elleboog gespalkt en krijg ik GEEN gips! mag wrschnlk vandaag of morgen naar huis!

het verhaal

dom heel dom, na lekker crossen op de akker, te enthousiast een bocht genomen op beton. omgevallen en mijn arm lag de verkeerde kant op! resultaat: elleboog uit de kom, ellepijp en spaakbeen gebroken, rontgenfoto volgt! geen pretje veel pijn, een unieke combinatie! Dus morfine nu en operatie morgen! en dan 6 weken gips! =:( afzien….


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