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Pleasure and Pressure

By tuesday we have to deliver a project to one of our clients. And, as part of this is pretty unpredictable I had to work on it today. But this morning I couldn’t get myself to start with it, so I decided to clean out the garage (at least most of the rubbish) and after that treat myself to another trip in the Buggy. Armed with my iPod, warm clot…

Spring is in the air…

Today started out great! Besides the lack of sleep that is. So this morning Rob and I started filming (of course we took my buggy) and weather was great! It was still a bit cold, but that didn’t stop us! Then at 13.00 I had to shoot an interview with this guy who’s fishing-supplies store was destroyed in a fire. We went to the building and insid…


Today I had a lot of uncomfortable encounters with clients and my business partner. Fortunately all of them ended peaceful, but it was struggling. So now I’m glad that this day is over. Tomorrow will be better, I’ll start by shooting some footage of the surroundings of Druten, because the tv-station I’m working as a volunteer is now also broadca…


This week, I was asked by the Rabobank to give a short interview about my experience with their service desk. This was because over two weeks ago I contacted them for the insurance of my new boy-toy: a Buggy, see my facebook or hyves or my youtube for a short video. The lady of the bank had do some research as they don’t often insure these kinds…

a fresh start

I’ts been a while since I last posted a blog. Either on my facebook/hyves or other space. As of today I’m reanimating my firts site ever: So let’s see how long I’m keeping this one alive! Off course, comments will definetly help keep me motivated. So don’t let me stop you…


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