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Comparing twitter followers

Today @Mirjambink wanted to know if there was a way to compare followers with another twitter user. I’ve seen such a request before so I decided to see if I could make it! And Yes, I did! You’ll find it … Continue reading

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De maatschappelijke meerwaarde en de MVO Award

Inmiddels zet ik (via I-Brix) me ruim een jaar in voor de Maatschappelijke MeerWaarde (DMMW). Als lid van de werkgroep communicatie probeer ik  deze stichting meer bekendheid te geven. Om in één zin uit te leggen wat DMMW doet: Het koppelen … Continue reading

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Golden tip for serviceproviders!

I am absolutely certain each and everyone of you has in some point in the last few years had problems with internetproviders. I really was very satisfied with my ADSL provider ( but as an interaction designer I needed a … Continue reading

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Things just need to be easier!

It’s amazing to see how many things are way to complicated! Think about this: how many hours in a day do you spend figuring out how things work, waiting on other people figuring out how things work? Do you even … Continue reading

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