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Pleasure and Pressure

By tuesday we have to deliver a project to one of our clients. And, as part of this is pretty unpredictable I had to work on it today. But this morning I couldn’t get myself to start with it, so I decided to clean out the garage (at least most of the rubbish) and after that treat myself to another trip in the Buggy. Armed with my iPod, warm clothing and a full tank of gas, I started on a tour of 40km which took me about two hours… It was great… the sun was shining, I found some good trails where I can legally drive and had a lot of fun. 

Arriving back home with the buggy covered in mud I finally had to face the fact that I had to force myself to get to work… and guess what, it actually went o.k. I’ve been working on it for several hours, but fortunately everything I planned to do today is finished. Hopefully the rest of the project goes as smoothly and we’ll be finished by tomorrow evening.

I really should take some more time off

Spring is in the air…

Today started out great! Besides the lack of sleep that is. So this morning Rob and I started filming (of course we took my buggy) and weather was great! It was still a bit cold, but that didn’t stop us! Then at 13.00 I had to shoot an interview with this guy who’s fishing-supplies store was destroyed in a fire. We went to the building and inside it was really terrible. Everything was covered in ashes and it smelled bad. The fire started somewhere around 1.30 am, or at least that’s when the alarm-system sounded. He lives about 12km from the store and he could see the smoke rising so then he knew what was happening. 

A few days after the fire the research team is about 90% sure the fire wasn’t accidental. How terrible is that? And what a strange co-incident. The store-owner participated in a show called: “The driving judge”, it’s this show where civilians ‘fight’ over stuff and a judge rules to make an end to it. The store-owner won this and the ‘other’ guy wasn’t pleased, He almost hit a witness with a chair in the tv-show. But that in combination with the suspected arson… So now there are all kinds of speculations about the fire and this guy. 

Anyway, the shop-owner is negotiating about a new property for his store, nearby the current location, because renovating will take at least 6 tot 8 months. 

And yesterday evening another fire broke out, so hopefully that was an accident and we don’t have some arsonist in town 🙁


Today I had a lot of uncomfortable encounters with clients and my business partner. Fortunately all of them ended peaceful, but it was struggling. So now I’m glad that this day is over. Tomorrow will be better, I’ll start by shooting some footage of the surroundings of Druten, because the tv-station I’m working as a volunteer is now also broadcasting there and we have to edit our leaders, bumpers and stuff to include this town. I’ll be doing this together with Rob, a cameraman and we’ll be taking my buggy (if the weather is alright). And in the afternoon I’m afraid we’ll have to start working again on a very difficult calculation. It’s not my hobby, but we’ll have to fix this by tuesday. 

But I’m confident we’ll manage….


This week, I was asked by the Rabobank to give a short interview about my experience with their service desk. This was because over two weeks ago I contacted them for the insurance of my new boy-toy: a Buggy, see my facebook or hyves or my youtube for a short video. The lady of the bank had do some research as they don’t often insure these kinds of vehicles. She was really friendly and in the end arranged a very good deal on my insurance. 

So today two guys came to record the interview. They were over an hour late due to traffic, which annoyed me. But when it came to recording and interviewing everything went smoothly. They were hired by the Rabobank, so off course they wanted mostly positive reactions. Fortunately they didn’t push their luck… I explained to them I wasn’t going to say anything I didn’t have experience with or meant. Last week I saw a documentary where a few interviewers asked people passing by to respond to a situation that hadn’t happened yet. Almost everyone they asked cooperated fully and without hesitation. I’m glad to say I really was pleased with the way I was treated and am curious how they are going to edit it! Will see ….

a fresh start

I’ts been a while since I last posted a blog. Either on my facebook/hyves or other space. As of today I’m reanimating my firts site ever: So let’s see how long I’m keeping this one alive!

Off course, comments will definetly help keep me motivated. So don’t let me stop you…