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You're kidding?

Do you recognise this? When you start using a service from a certain company they treat you like royalty. But when, after you’ve been a good client for months and then you encounter a problem you can go .$#$%(($ yourself. We have this account with Strato AG, we have a virtual server there which we use for a few sites.

Last week I received an invoice for excess data traffic. We allegedly used up 900GB of traffic in January. I checked some stuff and found that in december ’08 we used 30gb traffic and in februari not even 5gb. So you can imagine my suprise about this gigantic increase in traffic. Off course it could be true, but I at least find it curious and want to know where this traffic came from.

So I called the helpdesk and they reacted like: you used this traffic and have to pay for it… When I asked them to specify this traffic they said it was my responsibility and they won’t do this. It’s like your electric company billing you 10.000 euros for one month and when you protest they respond with: “Prove us you didn’t use this much…”.

They can’t even tell me where to look for the info. I haven’t decided what to do next, but this really goes against my idea of customer-friendly. If someone has any tip… please let me know.

In the paper

Last week a journalist from ‘De Gelderlander’ called. They were doing this piece on design and wanted to interview me… So friday he asked me a lot of questions and this is the result! For the few people who don’t understand Dutch 😉 it’s about us being a company that designs all sorts of stuff… can’t translate the whole piece, but it’s nice!

I-BRIX thinks of everything!
I-BRIX thinks of everything!


As you might have read, I’ve bought this Buggy a few weeks ago. And allready I drove 800km with it, so now, because it’s a brand new one, the first maintainance is due. I’ve called the guy who’s doing this, but I have to wait until saturday the 28th. And I can’t drive in the meantime! So that’s a real challenge… why.. well you just should try it. One of the newly discovered passions I have is snowboarding, and the fresh air and the feeling of being outside and doing something cool is similar when I’m out with the buggy. I’ve not yet gone all the way (that is, drove through deep puddles), because I want to get to know the vehicle… (change a few words and this sentence gets a whole other meaning!).

The other thing is, I can’t drive the buggy to this guy (it’s a town 60 km from here) so I have to borough a trailer to take it. Fortunately there is this very nice guy which let’s me lend it for free! What problems I have 😉 🙂

Keeping fit

As I am sitting on the hometrainer at my local Gym I decided to post this blog! That’s the advantage of having an iPhone! Today was left-over day! Not in terms of dinner but regarding work! I’ve cleaned away several little todo’s and so needed something to keep my interns busy! I’ve decided to replace our normal site by a wordpress weblog! It kept them busy and smiling! Making fun of me !


When I got home yesterday the Rabobank had flowers delivered! As a ‘Thank you’. Always nice, did think of removing the card and replace it with my own for Loes…….

Murphy's law

Why is it that whenever we need to finish something in time stuff goes wrong. I’m not used to that. Usually the closer to the deadly the more productive I become and luminous ideas come to mind. Today I did a lot of last-minute work on the dificult calculations which we had finished yesterday, but which needed alterations again today. And when my business partner tried to finish it, something went wrong with Zend for Eclipse (an editing application we use) and somehow an older version (the one without my alterations) was saved over my file… so I spend the last one and a half hour redoing the work!… shit happens!